Advantages of Different Types of Massage: 

Swedish massage. Use light to medium pressure to relax muscles, relieve tension, improve circulation, and stimulate lymphatic system, bringing the body to neuromuscular balance. Help digestive disorders, Lessen stress, depression anxiety and fatigue, refresh body, create energy. Good for stress-related conditions, dyspepsia and chronic pain.            
Sports massage
. This is similar to Swedish massage, but it focuses on the muscles used for a particular activity.  By means of Increase range of motion, Exercise and stretch for weak, tight or atrophied muscles, promotes flexibility, recover from strenuous workouts, soft tissue strains, sports injuries or surgery.  

Deep massage
. Use slower, more-forceful strokes with more direct pressure to
the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue, help loosen scar tissue, provides deep pain relief with muscle and soft tissue damage from overuse or injuries. Good for chronic pain and injuries.     
Shiatsu. A deep, finger-pressure technique using the traditional acupuncture points of Asian healing. Works to unblock energy flows and restore balance to meridians and organs.  
Trigger point
Similar to shiatsu, but it focuses on particular area, through stimulate and reflection therapy to relieves a tight area within muscle fibers tissue causing pain. Good for neck pain and lower back pain.                                                                         
Cranial Sacral massage. A gentle method of manipulating to the cranial sacral, attempt to improve the function of the central nervous system, promotes balance while decreasing stress, effective relief for headaches, migraine, nerve pain and insomnia.    
Hot Stone massage
. Light to medium pressure, promotes circulation and lymph movement. Good for stress-related conditions.     

Aroma therapy
. Use essential oils extracted from herbs, flowers and fruits to naturally enhance well-being, enliven the body and mind, increases circulation, improve skin, reduce inflammatio
n, release anxiety, irritability and apprehension, calms mood, ease nervousness, and promotes restful sleep.